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Miller Motorsports
75 Photos, Last Updated On: June 21, 2012

There is a lot of prep to win this race.
If you notice the heims where the headlight should be, it is actually a spare steering arm. In the 2011 race they had issues with their arms, now spares always.

Qualifying on Chocolate Thunder.

A little bump and up and over.

Almost to the top of Chocolate Thunder, they had one of the fastest qualifying times of the week.
Tech day.

Campbell Racing and Miller Motorsports started next to each other on raceday.

Almost laid it over here!

Dropping in on Back Door. They are moments away from winning.

Yes, that is my body in the shot. ;)

It was cool seeing Erik Miller (2012 King of the Hammers) Miller Motorsports and Shannon and Wayland from Campbell Racing CRUSH Smashing Pumpkins today out at Area Bfe.
2012 Easter Jeep Safari DynoMax run out at AreaBFE.

This is what a wining KOH rig looks like, a lot different. This was set up for short course dirt racing. Smaller tires, and some better body protection and it is time to race!
Thanks to Erik Miller from Miller Motorsports for taking this shot with his check from winning the 2012 King of the Hammers out in Canrdon last weekend.