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2012 Evolution Competition System Jeep JK
29 Photos, Last Updated On: September 1, 2012

The 2012 JK Evolution Competition System comes nicely packed. (P/N 39522)
All the parts ready to go.

Parts laid out.
From this part BACK is where you will be installing the new system.
The first piece is up and attached to the stock hanger.

Reuse your stock hanger. Spray it down with a lubricant to get on and off.
The muffler hanging BEFORE the rear hanger is installed.
This is where the rear hanger mount will attach to. This is located on the EVAP skid.

Installed and looking great!
The hanger for the rear.

The resonator that is removed.
GO big or go home! @Dynatrac Axles!

Stock muffler, so big and bulky.
This is the best with the new Evolution Competition System.

Off Road Evolution equipped JKU.