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2013 King of the Hammers
70 Photos, Last Updated On: January 18, 2014

Getting lined up for a phoyo shoot with our friends with Intrepid Off Road.

Just a little more....

Race Bullets are popular with the ULTRA4 racers because space is often a premium.

Miller Motorsports finishing up their new race car on the lake bed!
Wrapped up!
Bill Baird Motorsports back from a run.

Black helicopters!!!! Gah!
Loren Healy's great looking IFS Jimmy's 4x4 racer.

Love how the hood slides off this Bronco.

The calm before the storm.
Campbell Racing ready to race. Second place finish.

This just makes me laugh.
One of the coolest Ultra4 Racing cars out there.
Miller Motorsports had a great race on a new car.