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King of the Hammers 2015
602 Photos, Last Updated On: March 12, 2015

Race Bullet and y-pipe.
One of our bends.
The start of the custom exhaust.

Levi Shirley from Lucky Dog Racing.
The sunset last night was great.
Tribe 4x4 did an amazing job using a Mini Race Bullet on this car.

Totally nuts what the motorcycles did during the King of the Motos.
Campbell Racing chilling over at Nitto Tire.

Here's to the crew that puts the car back together. #koh2015
Starting order for the 2015 King of The Hammers.

Congrats to Ben Napier BNMotorsports on their first place in the Legends class!
Congrats to Lance Clifford on the 1st place finish in the Ultra4 Racing #DynoMax equippedSpec class. #koh2015
Shannon Campbell always smiling! Good luck to all the racers today!#koh2015
Jason Scherer checking in for #KOH2015

Signing the Nitto Tire guest book
Mathew Riley and Nate playing around on Backdoor

All set up for a great year!
The long view.

Some of the motorcyclists scouting out their lines up Chocolate Thunder for this year's King of the Motos
Hammer town, early in the week, from Chocolate thunder.
Lined up for the start!