DynoMax® Performance Exhaust


Dynomax® Performance Exhaust Technical Support will help you find answers to the most frequently asked product and installation questions and provide invaluable technical training information.
Q.) Which is louder the Ultra Flo or the Super Turbo muffler?
A.) The Ultra Flo is a straight through internal design and will have a deep throaty tone, while the Super Turbo has a 3 tubed internal design and will have a deep mellower tone that is quieter than the Ultra Flo.
Q.) How do your mufflers sound compared to a Flowmaster?
A.) The Flowmaster has a higher pitched frequency while ours has a lower toned frequency.
Q.) Does a cat back kit include the converter?
A.) No. A cat back kit is any or all of the components behind the factory converter.
Q.) Can a Dynomax Bullet Race muffler be used as a resonator?
A.) Yes. The Bullet Race muffler works very well as a resonator as it will not restrict the flow, but will slightly lower the dB of the system.
Q.) What is a mandrel bent pipe?
A.) A mandrel bent pipe is a smooth pipe without any serrations, for a higher flowing system.
Q.) Can I remove my converter for a higher performance system?
A.) For street applications it is against the law to remove or alter a converter.
Q.) How long will the internal valve spring last?
A.) The valve spring is constructed from a corrosion and heat resistant superalloy that is guaranteed to last the life of your vehicle. The high temperature properties of this material have exceeded extreme environmental testing with over 2,000,000 cycles.
Q.) What is "micro finish"?
A.) Our "micro finish" is a cleaning process that provides a blemish free, satin finish to the exterior of the muffler.