DynoMax® Performance Exhaust

Warranty / Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty (limited to qualifying DynoMax® products only)
DRiV warrants qualifying the DynoMax® products described below against defects and wear-out when used on private passenger cars and light trucks under normal operating conditions for as long as such original purchaser owns the vehicle on which they were originally installed.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Qualifying Products:
DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ SS Polished Mufflers
DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ Welded Mufflers
DynoMax® Super Turbo™ Mufflers
DynoMax® Stainless Steel Systems (39XXX Series)

90-Day Limited Warranty (Thrush® mufflers)
DRiV warrants qualifying Thrush® mufflers against defects in materials or craftsmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase when used on private passenger cars and light trucks under normal operating conditions. Any modification to the product or use inconsistent with the intended application voids this warranty.

DRiV's obligation under any of these warranties is limited to replacement of the defective product with a comparable DRiV product in accordance with these warranties. Cost of removal and installation are not included, and any incidental and consequential damages are excluded under these warranties, regardless of when the failure occurs. These warranties have no cash value.
To make a claim under these warranties, return the defective product with the dated original receipt to the dealer or retailer from whom it was purchased.

These warranties do not apply to purchases made through unauthorized retailers/dealers including unauthorized online sellers. A list of authorized retailers/dealers can be found under WHERE TO BUY. DRiV has no way to confirm the authenticity and quality of products sold through unauthorized resellers and is not obligated to honor warranty claims when purchased from an unauthorized individual, unauthorized retailer/dealer, or unauthorized online retailer. Purchases made through auction sites, marketplaces, private or third-party sales, or other unauthorized online retailers are not eligible for warranty.

These warranties do not apply to: (i) any other costs, including costs of removal, installation, diagnostic time, and any other expenses arising out of replacing the product (ii) products which have been installed on non-catalogued applications; (iii) products that are new, unused or show signs of normal wear but not defective; (iv) products which have been misused, modified, altered, improperly applied or installed; (v) product damaged in an accident or by fire, weather, or any other force majeure event or hazard; (vi) products which have been installed on vehicles used for commercial, governmental, fleet, or racing purposes or damaged due to vehicle modifications; (vii) obsolete parts no longer available from DRiV; (viii) product that has been transferred from the vehicle on which it was originally installed; (ix) non-genuine DRiV branded product or competitive parts; and (x) products installed on vehicles that have been modified outside the specifications of the vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer, including but not limited to aftermarket modifications for racing, off-road, or powersports purposes.

DRiV will not accept any returns and is not responsible for any claims related to circumstances and products described in the preceding sentence. All warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed if not stated herein. Any implied warranties you may have under state law are limited to the same duration and other terms as these warranties to the extent permissible.

DRiV may contact warranty-serviced consumers to conduct customer satisfaction surveys relating to product and warranty service. Survey activity will provide valuable feedback and help measure the level of consumer satisfaction in different markets.