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Stainless Steel Straight Tubing - 49097
Stainless Steel Straight Tubing
  • Stainless steel lasts 10 to 12 times longer than low carbon steel tubing
  • Type T-409 stainless steel tubing is used for easier bending

Note: Bending characteristics of stainless steel tubing are substantially different than low carbon steel tubing. Listed below are important factors in successfully bending stainless steel tubing.

  1. Wing die (back) pressure may need to be increased to prevent backwall collapse.
  2. The tube weld seam should be located 90° from the inside and outside of any severe bends.
  3. Wing dies must be in good condition & in alignment throughout the entire bending arc.
  4. Bends should be made in one continuous operation at a slow rate of speed.
  5. Bends should not be made tighter than two times pipe diameter.6. Equipment must be in proper operating condition.

  • Tubing OD: 4"
  • Tubing Length: 10'
  • Tubing Gauge: 14